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Aboriginal Victorians
Alphabetical Lists of Patients in Asylums, 1849-1885
Argus Index 1870-1879 search this old Melbourne newspaper
Avoca Electoral Roll 1856-57
Ballaratt; Eureka Rebellion 1853 includes names of those arrested, killed
Ballarat & District Genealogical Society Inc has an impressive collection of online cemetery MI's, war memorials, school records etc for all Australia
Ballarat; Name Index to book "From Dead Horse to Dancin' - The History of Invermay and District 1847 - 1997" by Pamela Toom & Dianne Campbell more information here
Ballarat; Name Index to book "Formula For Survival - The Saga of the Ballarat Hebrew Congregation" by Newman Rosenthal
Ballarat; Queens College; Name Index to book "Mainly About Girls: A History of Queen's, Ballarat 1876-1972" by Susanne L. White more information here
Beechworth; Ovens Directory, 1857
Births (1853 to 1924) Marriages (1853 to 1942) and Deaths (1853 to 1985) Search courtesy Dept of Justice, Victoria
Births, Deaths and Marriages on board international and coastal ships coming to Victoria between 1853 and 1920 (Marine Index)
Bellarine Peninsula Consolidated Index Search contains over 100,000 names
Blackburn; Name Index to book "Blackburn - A Picturesque History" By Robin Da Costa more information here
Blackwood; Name Index to book "Aspects of Early Blackwood - The Goldfield, The Landmarks, The Pioneers" by Alan J. Buckingham & Margot F. Hitchcock  more information here
Blue Rock Lake Pioneer Wall
Broadford; Name Index to book "Country Life - A History of Broadford & District 1891-1981" by E. H. McDonald more information here
Byaduk Genealogy
Byaduk Pioneers


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Cambridgeshire People in the Victoria Gold Rush, Australia
Campaspe GenWeb
Campaspe GenWeb Surname Index a surname database of ancestors from Campaspe Shire
Carapook & Muntham Genealogy
Castlemaine; Name Index to book "Castlemaine: From Camp To City 1835-1900, A Pictorial History of Forest Creek & the Mount Alexander Goldfields"  by Geoff Hocking more information here
Corinella; Westernport Settlement of 1826-1828 includes names, soldiers, convicts
Creswick Genealogy
Creswick Birth Death & Marriages Extracted from the Creswick & Clunes Advertiser 1859 - 1865
Creswick; search  "Creswick & Clunes Advertiser"  data base 1859  - 1865
Croatians Naturalized in Victoria  from 1855
Dartmoor & District Family Names
Diamond Creek; Name Index to book "Before You Came - Mines, Myths & Memories of Diamond Creek"  by John L. Ryan more information here

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Divorce Index Victoria 1861-1900
Echuca Members' Surname Interests at the Echuca - Moama Family History Group, Inc website
Emerald Surnames
First Settlement of the Upper Murray 1835-1845 an index of names
Footscray Residents 1866-67
Geelong & District Database searchable database of many historical Geelong resources
Geelong & District 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition  over 1,700 names
Geelong Historical Records Centre
Geelong and Portland Bay, Emigration Society 1845 - 1846 Index of Migrants
Geelong; St Augustine's Orphanage : Admissions & Discharges 1857-1878
Geelong & District Consolidated Book Index : over 170,000 entries
Geelong; Index to the Admission Books of the Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum  1861-1923 over 12,000 records
Geelong; Index to VPRS 815 Court of Insolvency Records 1855-1857 Geelong Court of Insolvency records on the basis of an insolvent's name or the year of the insolvency case
Gippsland Area; Dawn Cowley's B,D & M Index
Gippsland Guardian Newspaper Index 1855-1857 indexed names from this newspaper
Gippsland Resources and Records
Gisborne & Mount Macedon Surname Interest List
Greta; Name Index to manuscript:  "A History of Greta" by S. E. Ellis more information here

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