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Northwest Territories Genealogy

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Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Northwest Territories
Cyndi's List - Northwest Territories, Nunavut & the Yukon largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
MyTelus - Telephone Book, People Finder Online includes reverse lookup and blue pages
Northwest Territories Archives
NW Territories Genealogy Links & Chat has many links to NWT genealogy sites
Nunavut GenWeb
NWT GenWeb Project
NWT, Canada Message Board NWT GenWeb Lookups Page(free lookups by volunteers)
NWT Archives Photographic Database over 20,000 images (fee)
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center search the database
Yellowknife Public Library


Directory of NW Territories Cemeteries - Cemetery Junction
Canada Genweb's Cemetery Project - NW Territories many cemetery transcriptions here


1901 Census of NWT
1906 Census of the Northwest Provinces courtesy Library and Archives Canada


Northwest Territories War Memorials with transcriptions

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