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Nova Scotia Military Records

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American Prisoners of War that died at the British Interment Camp at Halifax, Nova Scotia in the War of 1812
Annual Returns of British Regiments Stationed in Nova Scotia, 1807 - 1865 (download - Word format)
Annapolis Loyalists - 1784 - Muster Roll of Disbanded Officers, Discharged and Disbanded  Soldiers and Loyalists taken in the County of Annapolis, betwixt the 18th and 24th of June 1784; Annapolis Royal 30th July 1784
Boston Evacuees - 1776 List of the inhabitants of Boston, who on the evacuation by the British, in March, 1776, removed to Halifax with the Army. Download - Excel format (41 KB)
Cape Breton: List of Loyalists
Cape Breton; 1813 Militia Roll for Men Capable of Bearing Arms - 4th DIV and 5th DIV
Guysborough Co; Veterans of  Guysborough County over 2,000- vets here WW1, WW2, Korean War
The Halifax Rifles
Hopson's Regiment; List of Officers and Soldiers 1752
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Muster Rolls
Muster Roll 1784 - Weymouth, Gulliver's Hole, St Marys Bay and Sissiboo alsoBear River
Nominal Roll of Catholics of  Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, in WWI
Nova Scotia Military Regiments muster rolls
Nova Scotia's War Memorials
Pictou County War Memorials
Nova Scotia Petitions 1769-1799
37th Regiment of Foot Miscellaneous British Soldiers Discharged at Shelburne or Halifax Between the Years 1783 and 1791(download - Word format)
106th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Nova Scotia Rifles

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