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Ontario Military Records

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Butler's Rangers
Elgin Co. Malahide Township:1828 Militia Men
Eugenia War Memorial
Grey County Soldiers Who Gave Their Lives as a Result of The Great War (1914-1918)
Grey Co. Eugenia War Memorial list of names WW1
Grey County; Proton Station- Honour Roll WW1 & WW2
Honour Roll: Stisted Township, Ontario (WW1)
Index to Ontario Loyalists
Kingston; Monuments, Memorials and Markers Database
Lorne Scots 10,000 entries in this database of the local militia regiment of Halton and Peel during World War II
Ontario's War Memorials
Ontario's War Memorials with transcriptions
Red River Expeditionary Force 1870-1877
Records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force WW1 1914-1918 search database of over 600,000 personnel
1st Regiment Hastings County Militia , Midland District 1818
2nd Regiment Prince Edward County , Ontario Militia 1822
40th Battery, CFA 1915-1916
47th Battery; Men Transferred to the 47th Battery WW1
205th (Tiger) Battalion, CEF WW1

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