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1790 U S Federal Census
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1810 U S Federal Census
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1840 U S Federal Census
1850 US Federal Census
1860 U S Federal Census

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1880 U S Federal Census
1890 U S Federal Census
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1930 U S Federal Census

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New Jersey Censuses



New Jersey Census Records:

Early Censuses from Newark, New Jersey - 1670, 1696, 1779, 1789

New Jersey Censuses, 1772-1890

Pre-1790 Colonial Tax, Quit Rent, Oath of Allegiance & Census Index Records for selected CT & NJ counties

Census Archives for New Jersey - US GenWeb largest collection of free censuses for New Jersey online

Search 1790-1930 Federal Censuses

US GenWeb Census Project - New Jersey Censuses a second database of censuses from US GenWeb

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New Jersey Census Aids and Tutorials

About U.S. Census Population Schedules includes helpful tips for specific census years - New Jersey has free census resources for this state, including census records by county, census notes, census cd info..

The Basics of Using Federal Census Records useful introduction to using census records by George G Morgan

Interpreting the Tick Marks on Federal Censuses

download and print out these free handy census forms to keep a record of ancestors that you discover in US censuses (courtesy
1790 census form
1800 census form 1810 census form 1820 census form 1830 census form 1840 census form 1850 census form 1860 census form 1870 census form 1880 census form 1890 census form 1900 census form 1910 census form 1920 census form 1930 census form
(requires Adobe Acrobat- if you don't have it get it free here)

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