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Bulgaria Genealogy - Bulgaria Database Search including voters lists, Jewish records, censuses, WW2 records..
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Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Bulgaria Genealogy Forum read and post messages related to the ancestors you are researching from Bulgaria.
Bulgaria GenWeb a part of the East Europe GenWeb Project; created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and
reference information.
Bulgarian Jewish Names
Bulgaria Chief Rabbis
Bulgaria Message Board share your Bulgaria genealogy with other researchers
Bulgaria Research List
Bulgarian Royal Family
Bulgaria Whie Pages Telephone Directory (in Cyrillic)
Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) a large resource of reference material for Eastern European Research.
Genealogy of the Royal Family of Bulgaria
Genealogy of the Bulgarian Royal Family
Prominent Sephardic Jews of Bulgaria
Prominent Jews of Bulgaria in the 19th & 20th Centuries
WWII Bulgarian Sephardim Deportees from France

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Plovdiv Central Cemetery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Shumen Jewish Cemetery Burials 1873-1966

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