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Croatia Genealogy Links

Cemeteries | Societies


A Guide to Croatian Genealogy
All surnames of Konavle
Australia: Croatians Naturalized in Victoria Australia from 1855
Australia: Redcastle; Croatian Names Redcastle (1850s)
Australia; Maryborough; Croation Pioneers in Maryborough, Victoria in the 1860s
Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Croatia Genealogy Homepage
Croatia GenWeb
Croatian - English Dictionary translate words/phrases now has a genealogy section
Croatia Message Board share your Croatia genealogy with other researchers
Croatian Genealogy Newsletter
Croatian Immigrant History Project
Croatian Roots Professional Genealogical Research Services

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Croatian State Archives

Croatia Surnames in Roman Catholic Parishes of Croatia
Croatian Family Genealogies and Related Books
Croatian Telephone Directory in Croatian or English
Croatia Genealogy Forum read & post messages here
Croatia Research List surnames being researched with contact details of researchers
Croatia Surname Registry at the Croatia-In-English site

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Croatians in the World lists websites of Croatian communities around the world
Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cross Index of Croatia Surnames (and Locations) in Roman Catholic Parishes of Croatia
Dubrovnik Genealogy over 3,000 family names
Dubrovnik - List of Names
Dubrovnik; Vekaric Genealogical Research Service for Dubrovnik and Surrounding Areas
Genealogy in Croatia
Island of Silba Page
Kamanje Surnames
Konavle Surnames
Lipnik Surnames
New York Croats
Silba Island Family Records 1606 - 1906
Silba; Died At Sea: Records kept since 1647 about fatal accidents at sea
Vivodina Surnames
Zakanje Surnames
Zavrsje Surnames interesting information about this region and culture

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Gomirje Cemetery
Brestovac Cemetery , Brestovac Ogulinsk

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Genealogy Societies

Australian Croatian Genealogical and Historical Society
Croatian Genealogy and Heraldry Society
Croatian Genealogical and Heraldic Society

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