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Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Cyndi's List - The Baltic States ~ Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
English-Estonian Dictionary
Estonian Family Trees on the Internet
Estonian Family Registry Offices
Estonia Genealogy Forum
Estonia Genealogy Society (Estonian/English)
Estonia GenWeb   created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information
Estonian Genome Foundation
Estonian Historical Archives
Estonia Message Board share your Estonian genealogy with other researchers
Estonia Research List
Estonian State Archives
How to find relatives in Estonia
Museum of Occupations this site includes lists of soldiers who died in WW2
National Library of Estonia
Personal Name Indexes of Parish Registries at Estonian Historical Archives
Political Arrests in Estonia 1940-1988
Rakvere (Wesenberg) Estonian High School  Graduates 1890-1930
Tallinn City Archives
Tartu University Students 1918-1944
Vastemõisa Parish; Kuldkepp family genealogy

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New Jersey, USA; Northville Estonian Lutheran Cemetery


Destiny of Estonian Soldiers 1938-1996 (Estonian)
Estonian Casualties of WW2 over 6,000 names by Museum of Occupations of Estonia

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