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Bremen Genealogy

Bremen Genealogy: in English or German
Bremen GenWeb created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information.
Bremen Baptisms: baptisms in St. Petri Dome Bremen (English) A-F , G-K , L-R , S-Z over 85,000 names
Bremen (general) Message Board read and post messages
Bremen (surnames) Message Board read and post messages related to the surnames you are researching
Bremen Researchers Database (English) over 1,000 names of Bremen researchers
Die Maus - Family History and Genealogical Society of Bremen / Gesellschaft fuer Familienforschung in Bremen has some  online databases
Family History and Genealogical Society of Bremen  - Research Database of the Club Members (in German)
Stuhr: Searchable Database (English) of over 27,000 names is based on the church registers of the Protestant Lutherian parish in Stuhr (1716 to 1875), on the Stuhr "Seelenregister" (registers of souls) of the years 1662, 1675 and 1681 in the Lower Saxony state archive Oldenburg and on the author's personal researches for the years after 1875

Passenger Lists

Bremen Births on Ships, 1867-1911 database contains records of children born on ships sailing from Bremen, Germany between 1867 and 1911. Ships may have included passenger, shipping, fishing or other vessels
Bremen Desertions of Sailors, 1855-1874 This database contains records of sailors who deserted ships sailing from Bremen Germany between 1855 and 1874. Information contained in this database about the sailors includes: name, birth year, residence, date deserted, and port where deserted
Bremen, Ships Crew Lists, 1821-1873 a collection of approximately 5,000 ship crew lists
D-Bremen, Germany Sailors Registry, 1837-1873
Bremen Sailors Registry, 1837-1873 a collection of service records for nearly 40,000 mariners who enlisted with crews in Bremen, Germany
Bremen Passenger Lists
Passenger Ships from Bremen to New York in 1866
Deaths of Sailors and Ship Passengers, 1834-1875 in German, contains records of sailors and passengers who died aboard ships sailing from Bremen, Germany between 1834 and 1875. Sailors may have also died at ports of call

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