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Schleswig-Holstein Genealogy

Dithmarschen emigrants 1868-1920 over 3,000 names
Emigration out of Schleswig-Holstein, 19th century over 74,000 names in this database
Fehman Genealogy
Fehmarn Cemeteries Database
Genealogy in Schleswig Holstein, Germany
some online databases here
German Genealogy: Schleswig-Holstein (in German)
Glückstadt; Dead in the jail and asylum in  1787-1800
Isle of  Fehmarn Emigrants 1871-1882
Rendsburg emigrants 1868-1884
Rootdigger -Genealogy in Schleswig-Holstein
Schleswig-Holstein Immigrants in New Amsterdam/New York, 1636 - 1667
Schleswig-Holstein GenWeb created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information.
Schleswig-Holstein  Message Board read and post messages

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