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Jewish Genealogy In Italy
Libby's Italian Records Page features abstracts of civil records from Castellino del Biferno and Celenza sul Trigno
Livorno Database Project  Jewish Births Records of the 19th century - searchable database
Marano Marchesato, Cosenza, Calabria, Italia Families
Marano to Ellis Island
Montalto Uffugo Births 1856,1866 & 1868 and Marriages 1809-1910
Montefusco Surnames
Nobility; Genealogy of Italian Noble Families (Italian)
Pavia, Lombardia Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937
Pubblinet Italy over 31,000 surnames here (Italian & English)
Pursuing Our Italian Surnames Together (POINT)
Royal Family of Italy


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Royal Family of Syracuse
RuthAnn's Italian Genealogy
San Fele Connections San Fele genealogy
San Fele, Italy Surname List
Surnames in Italy most common Italian surnames
Italian Telephone Directories
Trentino Province- Genealogy & Culture
Trentino; Tyroleans of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Trentini Emigration to the Americas
Ustica Genealogy Homepage
Vasto: Mayors 1289-1979
Vasto Page - Comune of Vasto, Province of Chieti, Region of Abruzzo
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemonte Civil Registration Records, 1870-1937 in Italian
Waldensian Surnames

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