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Italy Military Records

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Italian Soldiers in The Civil War USA
Italians Involved in the Barbary Wars
Maranesi Veterans of World War One, United States Armed Forces
Men of  Trentino Origins Who Registered For the Military Draft in Colorado,  USA (WW1)
Men Serving On US Ships from 1803 To 1805 from "Italians Involved in the Barbary Wars"
Montalto Uffugo World War I Casualties
Reggio Calabria WW1 Casualties
San Fili WW1 Casualties
The Marine Band: February 17, 1805 Admiral Hall enlisted Gaetano Carsi to reorganize and become Captain of the Untied States Marine Band... from "Italians Involved in the Barbary Wars"
Volunteers with General Eaton in his expedition to Derne, Tripoli 1804-1805
WWI Aces of Italy

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