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Italy Vital Records

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Alberobello, Bari, Apulia, Italy Civil Records 1812
Brognaturo Births 1809-1910 and Deaths 1866-1901
Calabria; Ardore Births 1831-1836 & 1895
Castellino; Births 1809-1810
Castellino; Libby's Italian Records Page has many pages of B,D & Ms
Castellino , Marriages 1896-1903
Castellino Deaths 1809-1811
Celenza; Births, Marriages & Deaths 1809-1820
Comune di Capaci Births, Marriages and Deaths
Di Tito Commune; Civil Records - Births, Marriages and Deaths 1809-1836 
Fallascoso; Birth, Marriages and Deaths 1812-1865
Gallo Births 1816-1865 and Deaths 1816-1829
Miglionico Births, Marriages and Deaths
Montalto Uffugo Deaths 1809-1880 (incomplete)
Rende Births 1876-1879
Roccella Ionica Births 1902
San Benedetto Ullano Births 1877
San Fili Birth Records 1866-1880
San Vincenzo La Costa Births 1830-1838 and Deaths 1830-1843
Sersale Births 1809-1875 and Deaths 1866-1878
Tigliole Baptisms 1582-1820 and Deaths 1611-1922
Transcribed Vital Records of Italian Towns

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