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Friesland Genealogy

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FriesArchiefNet/Friesland Archives - Genealogy Database Births, Deaths, Marriages
Friesland Notaries 1606-1850
Friesland Message Board read and post messages with other genealogy researchers of this region
Friesland (North-East), Tax Register  1578
Genealogy in Friesland
I-FrieslandA Friesland genealogy site
Kollumerland; Index of the Deceased 1806-1812
Leeuwarden, list of citizens 1803
Leeuwarden, Magistrates 1588-1700
North-east Frisian Genealogy Researchers in Dutch
Ostfriesian Genealogical Society of Minnesota.
Tresoar, Frisian Historical and Literary Centre in Dutch/English


Achtkarpselen, Index of the Deceased 1806-1811


Ferwerderadiel, 1830 census
Oostdongeradeel, 1829 Census


Barradeel (municipality), Index Concripts Army and Navy 1935
Kollumerland, inhabitants in the army and navy of Napoleon 1810-1813
Westdongeradeel, Muster-Rolls 1916

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