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Gelderland Genealogy

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Aaltern, Bredevort, Dinxperlo, Winterswijk Surname List
Aalten, Births 1811-1867, 1870-1891, 1897-1902 (choose "Aalten" from menu)
Angerlo Deaths 1909-1910, 1931, 1941-1949
Doetinchem Baptisms 1723-1777
Gelderland Message Board read and post messages with other genealogy researchers of this region
Genealogy in Gelderland
Genealogy in the Achterhoek
Harderwijk, ref. church members 1714-1741
Ophemert and Zennewijnen, able-bodied men 1672
Ooij Tax Register 1649
Overbetuwe Tax Register 1676
Varik; Catholic Baptisms 1689-1811
Winterswijk, Emigrants
Winterswijk Births 1811-1902

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Borculo, Index and Images Tombstones Oublic Cemetery
Garderen General Cemetery


Bemmel, Census 1795
Harderwijk 1830 Census
Nunspeet, 1797 Census

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Gelre, List of Knights 1468

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