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Limburg Genealogy

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Beesel, index land owners during land measurement 1654-1655
Bemelen, Population Index 1795
Genealogy in Limburg
Heerlen, Priests Pancratius Church 1234-present
Limburg Genealogy has online databases
Limburg Message Board read and post messages with other genealogy researchers of this region
Limburg GenWeb  created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information.
Limburg;  Prayer-Card Database over 17,000 so far, prayer-cards have existed since around 1750 and are still given out at most funerals today..they may  have a photo of the deceased on the front. Others have art-work, poems, drawings or something related to the life of the deceased.
List of 19th century Immigrants from The Netherlands and the adjacent German and Belgian areas
Maastricht, Burgomasters after 1800
Ottersum Baptisms 1710-1799 ,, 1800-1849
Ottersum Deaths 1780-1849


Sint Pieter, Burials 1676-1727

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