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Utrecht Genealogy

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De Haar, Mortgages 1707-1796
Dwarsdijk; list of voters 1805
Nederlangbroek, list of inhabitants and taxpayers  1799
Utrecht, Burgomasters 1402-Present
Utrecht Message Board read and post messages with other genealogy researchers of this region
Voorsluij(y)s Family Tree
Vreeswijk, images and indices cath. baptisms 1797-1811, marriages 1798-1811 and deaths 1797-1811

Werkhoven, images cath. baptisms 1700-1812 and marriages 1700-1811

Zijderveld, Burials 1724-1757


Zijderveld, Burials 1724-1757


Rhenen; 19091830 , 1840 Censuses
Rhenen, Heads of Household Censuses:  1862-1889 , 1890-1920

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