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Telemark Genealogy Links



Brevik Genealogy
Grenland Genealogical Society
Holla Tax List for 1810
Holla Property Tax List for 1789
Passenger lists for vessels with emigrants from Telemark to America1837 - 1873
Skien Historical Society (in Norwegian)
Skien Taxlists 1630-1643 also for  Porsgrunn, Brevik, Stathelle and Langesund
Solum Genealogy Pages
Solum Genealogy Forum
Emigrants from Gjerpen to America has listings of names from 1843-1927
Skien Genealogical Pagehas some online records for Skien and a useful page of links for Norwegian genealogy sites (English and Norwegian)
Skien Probate Register  1666-1808 also for  Porsgrunn, Brevik, Stathelle and Langesund
Telemark Parish Registers over 600 databases here


  Borgestad Cemetery
Brevik; the Cemetery in Brevik in Porsgrunn county
Gjerpen Cemetery
Luksefjell Cemetery
Telemark Cemetery Search searchable database of interments, over 102,000 names


Gjerpen Censuses 1664 ,1666, 1670, 1762, 1784, 1825, 1835, 1845, 1865, 1875, 1891
Skien 1764 Census
 Seljord 1730 Census
Eidanger 1725 Census
1865 Census for: Kragerø , Brevig  , Porsgrund , Skien  , Slemdal  , Gjerpen , Eidanger   , Bamble  , Sandøkedal  , Drangedal  , Solum  , Holden  , Bøe  , SaudeHiterdal , Gransherred  , Tinn , Hjertdal  , Silgjord  , Hvideseid   , Nissedal   , Moland  , Mo , Laurdal  , Vinje , Rauland

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