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Switzerland Genealogy Links

see also the Switzerland Marriages page


Links - Swiss Database Search including voters lists, censuses, WW2 records..
Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Bulkley Valley, BC, Canada  - Index of Swiss Immigrants Surnames

Cyndi's List - Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts Pre WW1 list of account holders
Family History Centers in Switzerland
Familys from Canton Fribourg
Geneaolgy in French Speaking Switzerland
Germans, Swiss and Austrians Deported from France  Information about 825 Holocaust victims, 1942-1944
Le Centre de Genealogie Francophone d'Amérique: Sites Internet de Suisse (in French)
Libraries & Archives in French Switzerland
Personal Genealogy homepages of Swiss Families

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Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century contains the passenger lists of emigrants to the American colonies from Switzerland, in particular to the Carolinas and Pennsylvania
Swiss Federal Archives
Swiss Genealogy Forum
Swiss Genealogy on the Internet
Swiss Genealogy Project
SwissGen Surname Dictionary contains over 2,000 names so far
Swiss Immigration To Wisconsin Project 1826-1900
Swiss in Brazil
Swiss National Library
Switzerland Genealogy Forum read & post messages here
Switzerland GenWeb
Switzerland Message Board share your Swiss genealogy with other researchers
Swiss Volhynian Genealogy Database over 27,000 names - Swiss Amish who group spent a hundred years in Prussia/Russia before emigrating to South Dakota and Kansas in 1874
The Selkirk Project Swiss from Manitoba to the U.S - circa 1823 - 1826 
Swiss White & Yellow Pages Phone Directory

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Hopefield Cemetery (Kansas, USA) contains the remains of many Swiss Mennonite pioneers
International Jewish Cemetery Project - Switzerland

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1835 Census for Fideris , Küblis , Serneus , St. Antönien , Maienfeld , Untervaz

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Genealogica Society of Italian Switzerland/La Società Genealogica della Svizzera Italiana
Neuchâtel Genealogy Society

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association (Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Genealogy ) Information on a Swiss Mennonite & German Amish genealogy project and access to 3 databases with a total of over 425,000 individuals
Swiss Genealogical Society
Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association

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