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New Brunswick, Canada Marriages

also see: New Brunswick Genealogy Links
here at - links to censuses,
cemeteries, military records, societies for this province


Campobello Parish Marriages 1789-1812 ,   1789-1870 , 1813-1880 1817-1891 , 1854-1901 , 1871-1875 , 1883-1887 , 1888-1919 
Campobello Island, Charlotte County Inhabitants Who Were Married at Lubec, Maine 1811-1892
Gloucester County Marriages 1841-1860 
Gloucester Marriages
Grand Falls Marriages 1869-1920
Grand Manan Marriages 1789-1920
Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847-1955
Kent Co. Marriages prior to 1845
Marriages of Restigouche Co. performed in Gloucester Co. from 1826-1841
Marriage Bonds Index 1810-1932 41,000 records, courtesy Provincial Archives New Brunswick (Marriage bonds were prepared only in the case of marriage by licence. The groom was required to enter into a bond with one or two people who knew him and who were prepared to guarantee to the Crown that no legal impediment to the marriage existed)
Provincial Archives New Brunswick; Search Marriage Records over 600,000 records
Restigouche Co. Marriage Index

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