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France Marriages

also see: France Genealogy Links
here at - links to censuses,
cemeteries, passenger lists etc



Alsace Marriages
Marne Marriages, 1529-1907 in French, over 1.3 million marriages by Centre Généalogique et Héraldique de la Marne
Migranet over 70,000 marriages - marriages in which one of the married is a MIGRANT...MIGRANET is an Internet database in which those migrants can be indexed.
Paris & Vicinity Marriages, 1710-1907 in French; contains marriage extracts from the historic department of Seine, France from 1710-1907. It also includes some records as early as 1690
Paris & Vicinity Marriage Banns, 1860-1902 in French
Search Pre 1900 Marriage Records in French; over 22 milion records
Vesoul Marriages, 1595-1700 Each entry shows the names of each spouse and the date of marriage. In many cases the place of baptism is indicated for each individual (by an asterix), and the location of the marriage ceremony

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