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Bay of Plenty Genealogy

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Bay of Plenty NZ GenWeb Project

New Zealand Society of Genealogists - Bay of Plenty  District

Early Settlers of Te Puke 1880-1884

Early Settlers Te Puke Circa 1883

Eastern Maori Electoral Roll 1908 , 1919 Te Arawa tribe members living in Te Puke and District

Index of names in book: "A History of Tauranga County"

Index of Names in book: "Early Pongakawa"

List of Maori Electors who voted at the General Election in the Eastern Maori Electorate in 1908

Maketu Aboriginal Residents 1880 as at 21 sep 1880

Maori Members of the Armed Constabulary with a Te Puke/Arawa/Bay of Plenty Connection1866-1877

New Zealand Society of Genealogists - Te Puke Branch

Sooty's Home Page Te Puke genealogy - excellent reource with many online databases

Te Puke Death Notices 1940s-1960s  A-K and  L-Z over 1300 death notices

Te Puke Genealogy Resources

Te Puke and Maketu Electoral Rolls for 1881 , 1884 , 1893

Te Puke, Bay of Plenty Genealogy

Te Puke Primary School Roll 1883-1905

Whakatane Burial Records 1928-1953 , 1953-1969

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Kawerau Cemetery

New Te Puke Cemetery

Old Te Puke Cemetery

Te Puke Cemetery

Te Puke Old Cemetery Headstones

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NZ 1881 Census - Bay of Plenty Maoris


Maketu; Auckland Provincial Directory for 1875/76 and 1878

Maketu; Wises Post Office Directory for 1883/84 , 1885/86 , 1887/88 , 1892/93

Te Puke; Wises New Zealand Post Office Directory 1894-95 for Te Puke/Maketu/Pongakawa

Te Puke; Wises New Zealand Post Office Directory 1900

Te Puke; Wises New Zealand Post Office Directory 1905

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Te Puke Roll of Honour WW1

Te Puke Reservists  - 1916 - 1917  Reservists were lists of men resident in an area during the First World War who could be called on for military service. This is the closest that New Zealand has to a census for this period

Te Puke WW2 Ballots Te Puke and District men called up for service - 1940-1944

WW1 Memorials Register - Bay of Plenty

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Passenger Lists

1881..? to Tauranga on the "Rakaia"

1881..London to Tauranga on the "May Queen"

1880..London to Tauranga on the "Lady Jocelyn"

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