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Boston Passenger Lists 1848-1891 Massacusetts Archives - work in progress; over 1 million immigrants, includes the name, age, sex and occupation of the immigrant; the country of birth, last residence and the passenger list number. Also included is the name of the ship, and the date of its arrival in Boston
1620..from Plymouth, England to Cape Cod on "Mayflower"

1630 The Winthrop Fleet  ("Arbella", "Ambrose", "William and Francis", "Talbot", "Hopewell", "Jewell", "Whale","Charles", "Mayflower" & "Trial" from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight to Salem over 700 passengers)
1632 from London to Boston on "Lyon"
1635  from London to Boston on "Planter"
1638..from Southampton, England to Boston on"Confidence"
1826..Liverpool to Boston on "Ann"
1826..Liverpool to Boston on "Cambridge"
1826..Liverpool to Boston on "Black Warrior"
ISTG  Ships Lists for Massachusetts Arrivals
Volume1 ,, Volume2 ,, Volume3

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