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Ancestry Military Records Collection search millions of military records in dozens of databases., including WW1 Medal Rolls, WW1 British Army Service Records, British Army Service Records..
George Cross Recipients In 1940, King George VI felt the need to formally recognise individual acts of outstanding bravery by the civilian population during the Blitz - Nazi Germany's bombing campaign against British cities. He decided to created an award for the men and women of the Commonwealth whose courage could not be marked by any other honour.
In Memory of the Lost Men of HMS Prince of Wales Men Lost During the Japanese Far Eastern Offensive 1942-1945
WW2 Merchant Navy Memorials
WW2 Seamen's Medals courtesy National Archives
WWII 'United News' Newsreels, 1942-1946 this database contains all 267 issues of the 'United News' newsreels
80th Field Regiment - 52 Lowland Division; Men Who Served World War II

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