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UK Passenger Lists

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Ancestors  - UK Passenger Lists Passenger lists with over 24 million records from UK ships sailing to destinations worldwide; free initial search, then fee
Ships Passenger Lists on the Internet
a review of websites containing links to over 4,200 passenger lists complete with passengers names from 1700s to 1890s.
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (includes several ships passenger lists listed by port of departure)
Irish Immigrants: New York Port Arrival Records, 1846-1851 over 600,000 entries: includes Surname, Given Name, Age, Gender, Literacy, Native Country, Residence, Destination, Transit Type, Compartment, Port of Embarkation, Ship, Number of Passengers on the ship, Arrival Date, and Occupation
England; ships passenger lists Volume 1 (by Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild)
England; ships passenger lists Volume 2 (by Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild)
Gravesend; ships passenger lists (by Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild)
The Ships List: Emigrants from Great Britain & Ireland to Australia: 1825-1832extensive collection passenger lists
UK Outbound Passenger Lists 1890 - 1960 Passenger lists with over 30 million records from ships sailing to destinations worldwide, free initial search, then fee based
1677..England to Burlington, New Jersey on "Shield"
1788-1868..Irish Transportation Records Irish convicts to Australia
1788.. UK to Australia  Australia's First Fleet
1790..England to Australia Australia's Second Fleet
1791..England to Australia Australia's Third Fleet
1792..England to Sydney, Australia; convict women and female children of the "Royal Admiral "
1910 ..Passengers UK to Australia
1910..UK to Australia on"Bremen", "Cornwall", "Miltiades" & "Commonwealth"

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