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AAD - Access to Archival Databases  nearly 50 million historic records by NARA National  Archives and Records Administration
African American Genealogy Links
American Jewish Year Book Cumulative Index of Obituaries 1984-1994
America's First Families
American Local History Network
Archives Online - US GenWeb Archives cemeteries, newspapers, wills, military rosters etc recorded online

Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates how to obtain official copies of US birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and death certificates
Birth Record Databases over 450 birth record databases indexed by state; also information on how to obtain a copy of a birth certificate
Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1903-1957 over 3 million names a database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 through 1892
Colonial Ancestors Database contains information about colonial ancestors posted by it's visitors
County Locator know the town, find the county
Cyndi's List - USA largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
Death Notices - Newspapers search the world's largest online database of death notices from US newspapers spanning over 100 years
Digital Archives Map Library
free state and county maps online
Ellis Island Immigrants - search 22 million records; NY 1892-1924
Ellis Island Wall of Honour- searchable database of immigrants names
 Find Your Family History In The World's Largest Newspaper Archive Find news, births,deaths and obituaries in over 75 million archived pages from hundreds of newspapers going back over 200 years
Ireland; Southern New England Irish
Japanese Immigrants to the US, 1887-1924
Jewish Genealogy Links


Marriage Databases by US GenWeb
Message Boards - US read and post messages with other genealogy researchers records of migrations within US indexed by state
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
National Archives Guide to Genealogical Research a guide to searching genealogically significant parts of the National Archives
New England Irish Pioneers
New England - Jane Devlin's Site has many online databases for New England
New England - Rays Place over 5,000 online databases for New England
New Horizons Genealogy Services has many free online New England census, cemetery, military etc records
Newspaper Obituaries On The Web a directory of over 6 million newspaper obituaries
NAIL: NARA Archival Information Locator   search over 500,000 Government Records  including Old Military and Civil Records, Washington DC.
North Devon (England)  Exodus Database Lists surnames of those known to have emigrated to North America from North Devon in the nineteenth century
Obituary Database - over 3 billion names search the world's largest online database of obituaries from newspapers spanning over 100 years (enter "death" in keywords)
Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records Included are death records, death certificate indexes, death notices & registers, obituaries, probate indexes, and cemetery & burial records
Scots-Irish: in North Britain, North Ireland and North America, Vol. 2 focuses on many of the early Scots-Irish families in colonial America
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) over 70 million records
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a survivors registry
US GenWeb Archives mega repository of online data, indexed by county
US GenWeb Project over 60,000 pages of geneology surname data online
US GenWeb Obituary Project obituaries indexed by state

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