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Tasmania Passenger Lists

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Australia Passenger Indexes; Tasmania - Genseek   list of links to online passenger lists in chronogical order
Captains and Crew Index - Out of Launceston 1835
Convict Ships List  
Index to Departures 1817 - 1867 indexes people leaving Tasmanian ports
Launceston - Special Clearances List (passengers) 1837
List of Convict Ships to Tasmania 1812-1853
Lists of Passengers extracted from Launceston Advertiser 1830,,1831,,1832
Passenger Index to and from Tasmania 1827
Passengers to and from Port Fairy and Portland 1838-1839 , 1840
Passengers to Port Phillip and Western Port , (Victoria) from Launceston and Georgetown 1837 - 1839
Passengers to South Australia from Launceston  1838 - 1839
Shipping and Immigrants Indexes
Tasmanian Immigrants Ships List
Tasmanian Non-Convict List people who came to Tasmania and Norfolk Island on the convict transport ships, but were not convicts. e.g. crew or military
Tasmanian Convict Ships List


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1814..Female Convicts to Tasmania on the "Kangaroo"
1817..England to Hobart on the "Friendship"
1826.. Downs, England to Tas  (female convicts) on "Providence"
1827..Convicts to Hobart on the "Persian"
1828..Female Convists on the "Mermaid"
1829.. Female Convicts to Hobart on the "Harmony"
1835..Female Convicts to Tasmania on "Newgrove"
1826..Female Convicts to Tasmania on "Providence II"
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Waterloo 4"
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Lady Kennaway"
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Augusta Jessie"
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Aurora 1"
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Mangles" A-J & K-Z
1835..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Norfolk 4"
1836..Male Convicts to Tasmania on "Bardcaster"
1836..Male Convicts Portsmouth to Tasmania on "William Metcalfe"
1839..Quebec, Canada to Hobart, Tasmania on HMS Buffalo
1859..?? to Tasmania on Hooghly
1850..Military Immigrants to Hobart on William Jardine
1852..Plymouth to Tasmania on "Australasia"

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