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Canada - WW2 Military Links

All Canada Index | Military Index | Boer War | Civil War | WW1 | WW2



Black Watch WW2 Casualty Database transcription of all the Black Watch 1st Batallion casualties from 1939 until 1945
Canadian Air Aces and Heroes of WWI, WWII, and Korea
WW2 Canadian Armed Forces War Dead  courtesy Library and Archives Canada
Canadian 6 Group who flew with the RAF from Jan 1 1943 until May 8 1945. The site contains information including squadron daily operations, combat reports, crew and aircraft photos
Commonwealth War Graves Commission online search through 1.5 million names persons died in wars from 1914-1947
George Cross Database The George Cross was instituted in September 1940 to recognise civilian heroism. King George VI created the award for the men and women of the Commonwealth whose courage could not be marked by any other honour.
RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards - 1939-1949 This index is a compilation of some 9,200 awards to roughly 8,300 RCAF personnel, announced between 1940 and 1949, for services during the Second World War
Royal Canadian Air Force Personnel - Honours and Awards - 1939-1949
Canadian Air Force 123 and 439 Tiger Squadron Personnel Database (WW2)

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