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Archives of Manitoba
Association for Manitoba Archives
Border Crossings; Report of Admissions at the Port of Gretna, Manitoba for the Months of April,1910 to February,1911
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Can Genealogy - Manitoba
Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Manitoba
Cyndi's List - Manitoba largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
Doukhobor Genealogy (Mennonite genealogy)
East European Genealogical Society Villages/Surnames Database search here if your ancestor(s) came from Eastern Europe
Hudson's Bay Archives
Manitoba Births. Marriages and Deaths Database this search of government records includes births more than 100 years ago, marriages more than 80 years ago, deaths more than 70 years ago
Manitoba Court Records 1984-2008 includes probate files
Manitoba GenWeb Lookups Page (free lookups by volunteers)
Manitoba Genweb Project online genealogy resources and reference information, maintained by volunteers.
Manitoba Genealogy Links & Chat has many links to Manitoba genealogy sites
Manitoba Personal Genealogy Homepages
Manitoba Pioneers
Mennonite Genealogy Data: Manitoba links to church records, censuses, passenger lists
MyTelus - Telephone Book, People Finder Online includes reverse lookup and blue pages
Northern Region, Manitoba Genweb  online genealogy resources and reference information, maintained by volunteers.
Pioneers and Prominent People in Manitoba this book is now online, free
Pioneers of Manitoba
Provincial Archives of MB
University of Manitoba Archives
Vital Statistics Search - Births (more than 100 years ago) Marriages (more than 80 years ago) Deaths (more than 70 years ago)
Western Land Grants (1870-1930) refer to grants issued in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the railway belt of British Columbia
Western Manitoba Genealogy Project regularly adds to its collection of online resources
Winnipeg Free Press Obituary Index obituaries indexed since 1999
Winnipeg Public Library
Winnipeg Tribune Newsclippings Index
Yukon Obituaries of Manitobans 1960-2000 People who were born in Manitoba and died in the Yukon

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