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All Poland Database at Jewishgen - The combined databases have over 3.5 million entries for individuals living in the area now or formerly known as Poland
Bielsk Podlaski
German Jews at Stutthof Concentration Camp Names of 2,750  Jews at this concentration camp near Gdansk.
JewishGen Family Finder Over 80,000 entries by Jewish genealogists researching families in Poland
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland  An index to over 400,000 19th-century Jewish birth, marriage and death records from 100 Polish towns
Kraków Ghetto Database Names of over 19,000 Jews in the Ghetto of Kraków Poland, in 1940
Lodz Ghetto Database A record of the 240,000 inhabitants of the Lodz Ghetto 1940-1944
Lubaczow; Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow
Lvov Ghetto Database Names of over 10,000 Jews in the Ghetto of Lwów Poland, 1942-1945
Oshpitsin Yizkor Database Information on over 5,000 residents of the town of Oshpitsin (O?wi?cim)


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Radzilow - Memorial to a Once-Vibrant Jewish Shtetl   several online databases here
Schneidemühl in memory of this Jewish community that existed for 300 years in the heart of Wielkopolska,
Warszawa Death Notices from Nasz Przeglad Over 2,700 death notices from this Warsaw newspaper, 1923 and 1937-38
Warszawa Gubernia Duma Voters Lists, 1907 Over 10,000 Jewish men living in Warszawa gubernia (Warsaw province), eligible to vote for the Czarist State Duma
Warszawa Homeowners Lists Data on over 12,000 homeowners in Warszawa (Warsaw) and Praga: 1852, 1864, 1869, 1870
Yizkor Book Necrologies Over 135,000 entries from lists of Holocaust martyrs in Yizkor Books for towns in pre-war Poland
Zabludow Memorial Website
1890-1891 New York Immigrants from Poland, Austria and Galicia An index to over 96,000 passenger arrivals
1891 Galicia Business Directory Over 20,000 names from over 1,000 different towns throughout Galicia
1929 Business Directory - Nowogródek Province Over 15,000 entries from a Polish business directory
1929 Polish Business Directory Project

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