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A Guide to Archives in Israel by Yorum Mayorek
American Citizens in Eretz Israel - 1917 Based on a handwritten list of 342 American citizens living in Jerusalem in 1917 from the US State Department
British Protégés and Subjects 1839-1914 The British Consulate in Jerusalem opened its doors in 1839 as a result of increasing interest in Eretz Israel by western powers and missionaries in the fragmentation of  the Ottoman Empire
British Protégés and Subjects in Erets Israel 1839-1914
Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
Central Zionist Archives
Israel Genealogical Society  Your Gateway to Genealogical Resources in Israel
Israel GenWeb Project created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information
Oriental Jews in Eretz Yisrael, Jerusalem, 1938
Sephardic Chief Rabbis in Erets Yisrael for the Period 1665-2007
Telephone Directory - Israel Yellow Pages (Hebrew)
Telephone Directory - Bezek 144 Israel White Pages in Hebrew
Victims of the 1929 Riots 150 victims of the 1929 riots in Jerusalem, Motza, Hebron, Tel Aviv, Beer Tuvia, Hulda, Haifa, Safed and Ein Zeitim.


1839 Census of Montefiore
1922 British Mandate Census contains  list of Petah Tikva residents

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