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Map of Latvia
Mitau Tax Defaulters 1853
Passport and Police Registration Lists, 1900
Passlosen - Jews without Lawful Permit
Rezenkne: Jewish Family Lists from Rezekne, c. 1896-1914
Riga Consulate Records 1924
Riga: Extraordinary Commission Lists This database consists of over 2,000 individuals residing in Riga who are recorded as having perished at the hands of the German forces, most during the mass killings of 1941.   This is only a small fraction of the over 27,000 Jewish victims from Riga believed to have perished by that date
Riga Jewish  Genealogy
Riga; Names of Jewish Survivors in Riga after the Shoah
Riga; Jewish Inhabitants of Riga, 1885/1886
Riga GenWeb  created in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information.
Riga Message Board read and post messages relating to the ancestors you are researching
Riga Passport and Travel Documents Registration List 1900 over 12,500 persons from throughout the Russian Empire, who resided temporarily in Riga in 1900
Riga Tax Administration List, 1858-1917 Over 12,000 entries, males and females, taken from the Riga Tax Administration records compiled and amended during the years 1858-1917. References to over 23,000 individuals living and working in Riga.
Riga Tax  List 1858-1917 List of 990 Jews  published in the official Government Gazette, the Vedomosti, in 1855
Riga Yellow Pages Telephone Directory
Sassmacken Voter List, 1907
Sassmacken Directory, 1912 names listed in index, with occupations of Jews

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State Archives of Latvia
Talsi, Latvia Records a site for Talsi research
Talsi Duma Voters 1907
Talsi 1924 Telephone Directory
The "All Latvia" Database Nearly 50,000 records for Courland, Livland and Vitebsk gubernias, from a variety of sources, including: voter lists, tax records, newspaper articles, police and military records, Memorial Books, and extracts from the Extraordinary Commission lists.
The Dvinsk / Daugavpils Family Lists
14,000 names of members of the Jewish community of Dvinsk, in Vitebsk gubernia [now Daugavpils, Latvia]
The Kurland Young Men's Mutual Association over 12,000 names from 1889-1945
The Courland Vedomosti Database 1853-1860
The Extraordinary Commission Lists: Riga
Tukums, Latvia Records a site for Tukums research
Tukums 1924 Telephone Directory
Tukums Tax Defaulters 1866
The 118 - Yellow Pages Telephone Directory  (Latvian)
Valdermarpils, Latvia Records a site for Valdermarpils research
Valdermarpils 1924 Telephone Directory
Valdermarpils; Jews of Valdemarpils, 1941

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