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Norway Genealogy Societies

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Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS
Buskerud Genealogical Society
Hadeland Lag of America an organization of descendants of immigrants from the Hadeland area of Oppland County, Norway in the United States and Canada
Illinois Norwegian Tri-County/Tri-Township Genealogy Guild This  site is predominately of Norwegian ancestry who settled and lived in Illinois, predominately in the Nettle Creek Twp of Grundy County, Big Grove Twp of Kendall County and Mission Twp of LaSalle County and the sounding areas.
Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag includes 16 kommuner in the three districts of Nord-Østerdal, Sør-Østerdal, and Hedemarken / Hamar
Norwegian-American Historical Association
Norwegian - American Genealogical Association
Norwegian Genealogical Society (Norwegian)
Rogalandslag a bygdelag of the descendents of Rogaland Norway
Skien Historical Society (Norwegian)
Trønderlag of America Serving the descendants of emigrants of the Trøndelag region of Norway

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