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Poland Genealogy: Military Links

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Aleksandrow Military Cemetery WW2
Aubérive National Cemetery list of Poles interrred in this French Military Cemetery
Austrian Military Recruitment within Galicia 1772-1918
search this database by town/year of recruitment - military records can be a useful source of genealogical information in the context of Galician Poland
Bayonne Legion Soldiers Polish members of the French Legions who fought in France starting in 1915
Buffalonians (Bufffalo, New York) in the Polish Army 1914-1919
Bydgoszcz  Soldiers WWII War Memorial 60 names listed
Haller's Army: Italy 1918 Awards Medals and Decorations for Independence by former Polish volunteers in Italy
Haller's Army: Virtuti Militari Awards List of Those Awarded the Silver Cross of the Military order Virtuti Militari, 5th Class (WW1)
Haller's Army Recruit Database
Haller's Army: Polish Regimental Casualty List list of casualties extracted from Polish Regimental Histories written within 10 years of the end of the Polish-Soviet war of 1918-1920
Haller's Army Index Locate surnames of those who served in this historic military unit in France in WWI
Kosciuszko's Polish Army of 1794
Lesko War Memorial WW2
Lwow; List of Heroes Buried in the Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwow 1918-1919 over 1600 names
Niebieszczany War Memorial WW2 71 names listed

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Otfinów War Memorial WW1
Perth; Scotland - Wellshill Cemetery a register of the  Polish war graves  in Wellshill Cemetery
Plock War Memorial WW2 110 People from Plock Who Died During WWII. Memorial plaque can be found in the Plock Cathedral
Polish Army in France Casualty List A list of men who were wounded or killed during military service in Haller's Army
Polish Aviators 1918-1920
Polish Prisoners at Stutthof Nazi Concentration Camp 1939-1944
Polish Soldiers in France Polish Soldiers who died during the Second World War and were buried in different cemetaries in France
Polish War Graves in Scotland 1940-1949
Polish war graves in Wellshill, Perth, Scotland (WW2)
Sokolow Podlaska War Memorial WWII men who fought in WWII and against the communists between 1944 - 1953
Sopot War Memorial WW2 People from Sopot Who Died During WWII
Stutthof (Sztutowo) Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoners WW2
The Martyrs of Zloczów A list of people detained during the tumultuous times at the end of WW1
The Order of the Virtuti Militari and its Cavaliers 1792-1992 This list of recipients of the Polish Order of the Virtuti Militari contains 26,500 names
Westerplatte, Gdansk War Memorial WW2
Wrzesnia Cemetery War Memorial Residents of Wrzesnia Parish killed in WWII Archdiocese Gniezno, województwo Poznan

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