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Slovenia Genealogy Links


Archives of the Republic of Slovenia English/Slovenian
A Slovenian Language Translator at Google Translate translate words or webpages to or from Slovenian - English
Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Carantha - History of Slovenia
Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia
Genealogy Research Resources at Slovenian Genealogy Society
Google Translator - Slovenian to English to Slovenian translate phrases or whole webpages
Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association
Gottschee Surnames
Historical Archives Ljubljana
Index of Slovene Surnames
Members of Society of Saint Mohor: 1900
Radovljiani Land Owners 1579 (in Sloevenian)
Regional Archives Maribor in English/Slovenian - The Regional Archives Maribor performs its function in the area of the following administrative units: Dravograd, Gornja Radgona, Lenart, Lendava, Ljutomer, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Pesnica, Radlje ob Dravi, Ravne na Koroskem, Ruse, Slovenj Gradec and Slovenska Bistrica
Sampler of Heraldry-Related Pictures from Slovenia
Slovenia GenWeb
Slovenia Genealogy Forum read & post messages here

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Slovenia  Message Board share your Slovenian genealogy with other researchers
Slovenian Nobility
Slovenia Research List read & post queries on Slovenian names
Slovenian Genealogy list of links to Slovenian resources
Slovenian Genealogy Resources
Slovenian Genealogy Society
Slovenian Genealogical Society (Slovenia)
Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc ( in Pennsylvania, USA)
Slovenian Surname Index (Slovenian)
Surname Index - Slovenian Genealogy Society
Slovenia Telephone Directories Online Telephone Directories


Index of Slovenes who died in Italian internment camps 1941-43 (in Italian)

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