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Censuses on the Internet

The sites listed on this page provide over 40,000 links to free online censuses, providing a wealth of information for genealogy researchers tracing ancestors from UK, US, Canada, or Europe.


1. US GenWeb Census Project (USA)
Started in February, 1997 The USGenWeb Census Project,  is an all-volunteer project to transcribe census records in a standard format in order to make them available to genealogical researchers on the Internet. It would be the largest collection of  US censuses on the internet. The best way to find what you are looking for is to browse the indexes of links

2. Census Online (USA)
a very comprehensive collection of links (over 39,000) for US research can be found at Census Online, maintained by Mark Reid. There are also some links to Canadian & UK censuses

3. FreeCEN: UK Census Online (UK)
FreeCEN is an exciting project that is rapidly bringing UK censuses from 1841-1891 free and searchable on the internet.

4. African American Census Schedules Online (USA) 
This site has a tidy presentation; providing links to censuses of African-Americans There are several other useful sections including Slave Schedules , wills, bible records and  inventories

5. 1871 Ontario, (Canada )Census  (Canada)
This database contains the names of the heads of  households in the Province of Ontario as they were recorded in April 1871

6. Norway Censuses The Department of History, University of Bergen has put together a complete database for all of Norway for the
1801Census.The National Archives of Norway, under the name of the Digital Archive have made the 1865 , 1875 & 1900 censuses available online. And some of it is in English! 

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