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Italy Marriages

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Africo, Reggio Calabria Marriages 1866-1910
Bombile, Ardore Marriages & Marriage Banns 1817-1847
Brognaturo Marriage Banns 1865-1870 and 1871-1910
Brognaturo Marriages 1860-1879 , 1880-1899 , 1900-1910
Calabria; Bianco Nuovo Marriage Banns 1809-1894
 Catholic Marriages in Tunisia (Italian marriages , page is in French) Thousands of Italians and Sicilians migrated to Tunisia in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Comune di Capaci   Marriages
Castellino , Marriages 1809-1910
Celenza sul Trigno Marriages 1809-1816 and 1817-1820
Di Tito Commune; Civil Records - Births, Marriages and Deaths 1809-1836 
Fallascoso; Birth, Marriages and Deaths 1812-1865
Gallo Marriages 1816-1829
Miglionico Births, Marriages and Deaths
Montalto Uffugo Births 1856,1866 & 1868 and Marriages 1809-1910
Portigliola Marriages 1847
Rende Marriages 1830-1834
San Vincenzo La Costa Marriages 1814-1833
 Sersale Marriages 1809-1893
Tigliole Marriages 1612-1697 , 1711-1805 , 1771-1820 , 1821-1870 (in Italian)

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