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Aeolian Genealogy - Italian Database Search including civil registration records, passenger lists, Jewish records, WW2 records
Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
An Italian Language Translator at Google Translate translate words or webpages to or from Italian - English
Calabria; Falerna, Catanzaro Civil Registration Index, 1810-1936 in Italian
Calabria; Marano Marchesato Families
Calabrian Genealogy
Calabrian Surname Database
Calabria; Map of Calabria
Calabria; Names from Platania , Catanzaro, Calabria read and submit researchers surnames here
Calabria; Our Calabria Heritage over 200 links to Calabrese genealogy sites
Calabria; Oriolo Village Surnames and Researchers Calabria; The Calabria Exchange goal is to provide  free online birth, death and marriage images  for towns (comuni) located in Reggio Calabria
Castellino; Libby's Italian Records Page has many pages of B,D & Ms
Catholics in Tunisia 1801-1949
Chieuti Surnames
Chieuti Pages
Como and Lecco, Lombardia, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1866-1937 in Italian
Comune of Angri Homepage
Communes of Italy Surname Database
Cosenze Exchange vision of this site is to bring the vital records of the comuni of Cosenza Province in one place for easy viewing for those doing personal research into their genealogy. They currently have records online for  Montalto Uffugo, Rende, San Fili, San Benedetto Ullan, and  San Vincenzo La Costa
Cyndi's List - Italy / Italia largest private collection of genealogy links on the web - Italian Genealogy Section
Database on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil files on about 200,000 Italian emigrants recorded in the Ship Passenger Lists who arrived in New York between 1880 and 1891, 1,020,000 files on Italians who arrived in Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1920 and 27,000 Italian emigrants who arrived in Vitoria, Brazil between 1858 and 1899.


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Firenze tax records for 1427
Florence: Family Names Appearing in the Catasto, 1427
Florence: search the Catasto
Florence; Online Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532
Italian - English Dictionary
Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian
Italian Surname Database
Italian Genealogy Forum at
Italians in PolandItalian Families which were naturalized or ennobled Polish between 1500 and 1700
Italo Albanian Families of Eianina - Frascineto
Italy World GenWeb Project
ITA-Sicily has a photo album, surname list and other online records

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