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The UK & Ireland section of is the most popular; it contains one of the largest databases of links on the web to online UK surname databases.


UK genealogy records go back as far as the 11th century to the Domesday Book a land survey from 1086, commissioned by William the Conqueror to assess the extent of the land and resources being owned in England at the time, and the extent of the taxes he could raise. You will find over 12,000 links to genealogy databases here in the UK Genealogy links section.

Databases for UK genealogy such as parish registers, cemetery inscriptions, censuses, military rosters, war memorial inscriptions, city directories going back to the 16th Century can be accessed. You can also search the UK & Ireland section here


A recent addition to UK Genealogy links has been the UK Marriages. There are now over 100 pages of new links to free online marriage databases for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

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