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Birth, Marriage, Deaths Certificate Exchange a database of birth, marriage, death and will certificates
Britain to Victoria, Australia Index to Registers of Assisted British Immigrants 1839-1871
British Ancestors Home Page (fee) research sevice by church of Latter Day Saints
British Coastguards 1841-1901
British Home Children British Home Children Site for researchers of 100,000 British Home Children emigrated to Canada 1870-1940. Names of +3,000 Home Children.
British Monarchs 1066-1901
British Phone Books 1880-1984
BT Phonenet Telephone Directory find people and organisations in the UK
British Settlers to South Africa 1820 including passenger lists and settlers names
Child Migrants Children removed from Britain and transported to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe Database of every UK village and town with links to the exact location on modern and old maps. Each village has a page where you can add local and family history enquiries. You can also see what villages are nearby and look for surnames in counties or the whole of the UK
DataMarine's War Brides More than one hundred thousand British war brides and large numbers of children sailed away, mostly bound for Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
Death Duties, 1796 - 1811 courtesy National Archives;  focuses on the death duty payable on wills and letters of administration proved in the "country courts". You can search over 70,000 names
Domesday Book Online - Index of Landowners in England in 1085AD the Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time
England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 free access to the Civil Registration index of Births for England and Wales
England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915 free access to the Civil Registration index of Marriages for England and Wales , search by name or by year of marriage
England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915 free access to the Civil Registration index of Deaths for England and Wales
England & Wales, Birth Index: 1916-2005 Civil Registration index of Births for England and Wales
England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005 Civil Registration index of Marriages for England and Wales
England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005 Civil Registration index of Deaths for England and Wales
England and Wales Visitations 18th & 19thCover 600 pedigree charts of English and Welsh families
England, Scotland, and Wales Royal Families
French Refugees in Great Britain in the early 1700's
European Telephone Directoryover 120 million residents from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom a site for designed for the those just starting out in genealogy
Genealogy of the UK a guide to finding online genealogy resources for, including archives, libraries,
surname lists, parish registers, cemeteries, directories, war memorials, electoral rolls, censuses..
GenoGold a colection of databases for UK  - over 300,000 records so far
Genuki: this is the largest collection of UK databases on the net
Grandma's Photo Links links to sites that contain old photographs of people and places from the Victorian and Edwardian eras
Hackney coaches of 1662 a list of the 400 hackney coach licenses of England in July and August of 1662 giving names and addresses
Home Office Officials 1782-1870

Hospital Records Database This database provides information on the existence and location of the records of the hospitals in the U.K
India Genealogy Links see this page, here at for British India genealogy records (cemeteries, censuses, military rosters)
Ireland and United Kingdom GenWeb Project  including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.  this project is being developed  in an effort to help researchers find local resources and reference information.
Jewish Genealogy Links (here at has many online databases for UK Jewish genealogy research a great site that allows you to search for UK relatives and friends by phone number, email address and many other databases
Message Boards read and post messages with other UK genealogy researchers
Map showing counties prior to 1974 boundary changes
MultiMap : great online service: enter Town/city find where it is on a map
Names extracted from Post Office Files 1863-1944
National Archives of Canada Miscellaneous Immigration Index Great Britain to Canada 1801-1849
National Database of Mining Deaths and Injuries in Great Britain
Nominees of the first British Tontine of 1693  A list of the 1012 nominees form Britain and continental Europe to receive benefit of survivorship from the first British tontine giving names and ages, in 1693, adresses and a description which usually includes the name of the father, his address, and rank, profession or occupation
Pallot's Baptism Index for England: 1780 - 1837 100,000 records that are a valuable resource for those seeking ancestors in the Greater London area
Pallot's Marriage Index for England & Wales: 1780 - 1837 more than 1.5 million marriage entries mainly from London and Middlesex, but also include entries from 2500 parishes in 38 counties outside of London
Parish and Probate Records in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland more than 15 million names in this collection, from the 1500s to the 1800s
ParLoc: Parish Locator Software enables you to locate any one of over 15,000 UK parishes. It will produce a list of parishes in any County or a list of parishes within a given radius of any other parish.
Parish Registers a selection of birth, death and marriage records can be found for several counties here
Prime Ministers 1780-1900
Public Record Office of England & Wales National Archives Office, unfortunately little is available online.
Rootschat useful information posted here by visitors to these message boards
Rootsweb's UK & Ireland searchable record database (over 220,000 records)
Royal Genealogical Database ...over 21,000 listings of British Royal Family
Royal Genealogies
Rulers of England & Great Britain from 859AD
South Africa Genealogy Links includes databases of emigrants from the UK to South Africa
Surname Interest Lists for UK & Ireland lists people researching a particular surname in a particular county/parish.
UK Database Search A collection of over 100 UK databases of probate, census, directory and other databases available onlineby subscription
UK Genealogy - Portal for UK Family Research
Historical Directories is a digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919. It contains high quality reproductions of comparatively rare books, essential tools for research into local and genealogical history
UK Lookup Exchange request searches of records by volunteers
UK & Ireland Obituary Collection over 500,000 names
United Kingdom Genealogy has a large collection of online data including "returns of owners of land", Heralds Visitations and Trades Directories
UK Electoral Roll Search; search over 45 million people listed on the 1999 Voters Register.
UK Genealogy a useful site; a page for each county, includes libraries and registration office addresses
UK Obituaries Message Board read and post messages with other genealogy researchers
UK  Parish Clerks Index indexed by country and county
UK Telephone Directory Enquiries   Search over 17 million records in the British Telecom database (updated daily)
UK People Finder Search all residential listings, a total of 55 million records
Vicar-General Marriage Licence Index is a genealogical finding aid comprising a surname index which lists over 356,000 people who were issued with marriage licences by the Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury between 1694 and 1850. There are 52,800 different surnames occuring in the index and part of this web site is devoted to listing them and showing their frequency.
1837 Online (small fee) indexes of Birth, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales from 1837 to the present day

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