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Cemeteries on the Internet

There are links here to cemeteries representing the resting places of more than 6 million people from over 30 countries on this page, as well as much information about cemeteries worldwide. Sites are listed in order of population size they represent.

1. US GenWeb Tombstone Project (USA)
Possibly the largest collection of links to US cemeteries online. An awesome amount of cemetery data has been catalogued here, by state and county. Staffed by volunteers, (you can participate if you have a cemetery transcription you can register it) since 1997 the project has a main index (called the registry) as well as a listing of foreign cemeteries (Americans buried in foreign cemeteries) and military cemeteries.

2. (Global)
Browse over 3 million records in more than 7,000 cemeteries for US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

3. Commonwealth War Graves Commision (UK, Canada, Australia & NZ)
The Debt of Honour Register  found at this site  provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First or Second World Wars.

4. Cemetery Junction (USA)
A useful compilation of US cemeteries indexed by state and county

5. Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (Canada)
The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid is a database consisting of the surnames, cemetery name and location of over 2 Million interments from several thousand cemeteries, cairns, memorials, and cenotaphs in Ontario Canada.

6. British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid (Canada)
The British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid is a pointer database consisting of the surnames, cemetery name and location of more than 344,000 entries collected from records and headstone inscriptions associated with 264 cemeteries situated in the province of British Columbia, Canada and two from the state of Washington, USA.

7. African American Cemeteries Online (USA)
At time of publishing this page (May 2000) there were cemetery listings for more than 25 states and their counties

8. Australian and New Zealand Genealogical Links Galore (Australia)
Maintained by Jenny Brandis, there are about links to around 40 Australian cemetery transcriptions.

9. Cemetery Stompin' (England)
This page contains links to links to pages describing the gravestones and memorial stones found in assorted parish churches for some churchyards in England

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