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Ukraine Genealogy Links

see also the Ukraine Marriages and Germans from Russia pages


Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Community and Family Histories of Ukrainians in Canada
Genealogy in Ukraine professional genealogy service
Grossliebental,  Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1885
Hannowka - A German Village in Bessarabia 1896-1940 in German
Internment of Ukrainians in Canada 1914-1920
Nadworna; 1932 list of the taxpayers of the Nadworna Jewish Community
Neusatz, Crimea Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1869
Odessa Births, Deaths and Marriages
Odessa City; Ukraine Births, Deaths and Marriages 1840-1885
Researching Russian Roots - Ukraine and Belarus has a long list to genealogy resources
Toronto (Canada)  Ukrainian Genealogy Group
Ukraine Genealogy Forum
Ukraine GenWeb
Ukrainian Genealogy Group based in Canada, has useful content for Ukraine rersearch
Ukranian Genealogical Society
Ukrainian Genealogical Society RSL Surname Index
Ukranian State Archives and Archive Bodies information page for contacting these govt depts
Ukraine  Message Board share your Ukraine  genealogy with other researchers
Vsia Rossia 1895 Database  Jewish names from Ukrainian regions from an 1895 Business directory. Kiev, Poltava and Chernigov gubernias
Vital and Marriage Records From Greek Catholic and Orthodox Parishes in Former Austrian Galicia, Former Malo Rus, Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus (former Byelorussia)
Russian Links and Kozin's Genealogy (Russian/English) Biographies and photos of persons from Russia (1830) and Ukraine (1816):
Volhynia Parish Registers
Volhynia Births, Marriages and Deaths 1830-1885

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Interment of Ukrainians in Canada 1914-1920
Ivano-Frankivsk Cemetery
Lviv, Cemetery Records, 1941-1942
United Pavolocher Cemetery in Waldheim , Forest Park (near Chicago), Illinois


1873 Yazykovo Colony Census
1858 Chortitza Colony Census
1869 Census, Nikolaifeld Village, Yazykovo Colony

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