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Balzer; A Volga Village  Germans from Baden, Hesse, Rhineland, Palatinate, Württemburg and Switzerland emigrated to Russia between 1765 and 1767. They settled along the west side (Bergseite) of the Volga River, forming the Village of Balzer
Bessarabia; Armin Zimmermans Bessarabia Genealogy
Bessarabian Village Names
Beresen District Research Group - Surname  List
Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas names of those immigrants who are listed as migrating from the Crimea
Browse World's Largest Obituary Database - at Genealogy Bank search obituaries in 100s of newspapers going back over 200 years
Brunnental, Russia (called Kriwojar in Russian)
Cyndi's List - Germans from Russia largest private collection of genealogy links on the web
Dobrinka Surnames
Famous Germans from Russia
from Fellbach (Baden-Wuerttemberg) Germany to Russia (Mennonites)
German-Polish Emigrants to Russia between 1813 and 1866
German-Russian Genealogy Links
German Russian Roots large database of names with email contacts here


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Germans from Russia Family and Villages Homepages
Germans from Russia in Gackle, North Dakota, USA
Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon including a list of families
Germans from Russia US Land Records indexed by state
Germans from Russia Heritage Collection courtesy North Dakota State University Libraries
German-Polish Emigrants to Russia between 1813 and 1866
German Russian Peoples who came to Cheyenne Co; Kansas, USA
German Settlers in Russia; Village History Project
Glueckstal Reformed Births, Eureka SD
Hopf List of German Emigrants from Poland to Russia 1813-1866
Janet's Germans from Russia Research
Jeruslan Nachrichten - Lower Jeruslan River Colonies Research Project

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Kamenka Surnames
Kamenka Village Emigration
Koblenz Exodus Questionnaires/Forms Index
Kratzke Village Genealogy
KRIM-GR Research Website - Crimean Germans from Russia
Leichtling; First Settlers List of Leichtling 1767
Leichtling Russia Genealogy
Leichtling Village Database
Name Extracts from Book: "Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862"
Obermunjou, Russia has a surname list
Odessa: German-Russian Genealogical Resources huge collection online resources here
Rosental Baptisms 1847-1865
Schilling A German-Russian Village in the Lower Volga Valley
St. Joseph's Colony in Saskatchewan, Canada In April, 1905 the first German Catholic immigrants left the USA and headed for Canada. After almost twenty days of travels and adventure they reached their destination which was approximately 3 miles north and 2 miles west of the present site of Leipzig

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SOAR (Saving Our Ancestral Records)has a searchable database
The Bessarabian Collection databases at
The Christian Fiess Indices
Village History Project German Settlers in Russia
Volga: The Lower Volga Villages  Saratov, Volga, Russia
Volga: Lower Volga Villages Obit Project comprised of hundreds of obituaries, funeral cards, headstone information and related material
Volga Germans
Volga Germans search database of over 100,000 names
Volga: German Villages in the volga valley of Russia
Volga: Kraft Village surnames, including emigrants to America
Volga Germans site includes a 100,000 name database of Germans from Russia
Volga: German Villages in the volga valley of Russia
Yagodnaya Polyana (Germans): Founders and later arrivals

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