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Germans From Russia: Censuses

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Dreispitz - Surnames from the 1798 Census
Germans from Russia in US cenuses (many censuses here)
Leichtling Censuses 1834 , 1850
Volga Germans to USA names appearing in US censuses
1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga
1798 Census of Lower Volga Valley Villages, A-L and M-Z
1798 Census of Kratzke surname list
1880..Volga Germans listed in The 1880 Kansas State Census Shawnee County North Topeka Ward 1
1881 Volga German census in Argentina
1885..Volga Germans listed in The 1885 Kansas State Census
1913..Germans from Russia - Lincoln, NE Census 1913-1915
1920 Census - Germans from Russia in US 1920 censuses

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